Sunday, March 14, 2010

To Peace Corps!

So I haven't blogged about Peace Corps yet. Everything has gone so fast since I decided to apply, I don't think it has fully settled in that I'm going yet. Of course I haven't been told what country I'm going to yet, so I can't fully wrap my head around anything at this point. I decided to apply in late October, submitted my application in November, interviewed the following week, was accepted the same day... and then I didn't expect a nomination until at least March. In January I got my nomination phone call from my recruiter for an NGO Advising assignment in community health to Sub-Saharan Africa (this means any open African country except Morocco right now). At first I was in shock, but then the elation took over. She speculated that I would get an invitation letter and more specifics on the assignment in June or so. The aniticipation is killing me. Most days I'm excited as hell, but some days I get a little nervous, have a bad dream, or just sit there and think of all the different ways I could be killed living in Africa by myself for 2+ years. But then I think of all the ways I could be killed here as well, and decide to draw up a living will just in case. *three cheers for cremation!*

I don't really miss Seattle all too much yet, I've been enjoying all the sun in Spokane and discovering with Danielle all the places worthy of going. I most definitely miss the people in Seattle, however, and eating all my favorite food at a moment's notice. But being able to come home to Libby and see my families whenever I want is most definitely the highlight of this time period :) Another highlight is of course is this wonderful man that showed up and made me all melty and lovey-dovey and whatnot ;) It's going to make leaving rougher than it will be already, but I'm optimistic that it will be alright... :)

On a side note, some creepy asshole has been prank calling me... only the number shows up on my phone as someone that is in my phonebook. So I call the company to figure out what's up, and they tell me that on some of the newest phones, there is a program that allows you to call someone, but te number shows up as someone in the 'victim's' phonebook. That, to me, is some creepy ass shit. So he told me to file a complaint with the FCC, because they are currently working on making that particular program illegal. So I filed myself my first official complaint with FCC, and it would be rad if you did too (, because again, that is some creepy ass shit when your mom and dad's number shows up and you answer and it's some d-bag saying really rude shit to you.

I would never end on a negative note, so I'm asking all of you for your good energy around my pending Peace Corps assignment! Oh, and check out Deism... it makes some fabulous sense I promise :)

With love and gratitude,
Emily Jo