Thursday, September 2, 2010


Holy EFFFFFFFF I fly to DC on Monday, drive to Philly on the 9th for staging, and depart for Macedonia on the 11th. It has been an amazing year since applying to the Peace Corps. Saying goodbye to my family and friends this past couple of weeks was hard, but I know it’s a ‘see you later’ more than a ‘goodbye’. My friends and family threw me a magnificent going away party, and so many people that I haven’t seen in years came, even some all the way from Seattle just for one night, and one beautiful boy even came all the way from Arizona to surprise me for the weekend :) It was amazing, and I couldn’t be luckier.
I continue to organize, pack and get all my metaphorical ducks in a row. Meanwhile, my immune system decided to take a little shit on me from the mental strain of it all and forgetting to take my vitamins for a week, not to mention the limited healthy food options of a small MT town. The walls of my room are bare, there is no longer an easel and various paintbrushes everywhere, my closet is nearly empty, and I have been to REI even more than usual in the last two months.
There were times during graduate school when I swore that I had broken my brain. I’m feeling somewhat similar today. I should have a million things to say at this point, but I’m blanking. I’m going to miss the season finale of True Blood. This makes me sad. I’m listening to Kaskade, which reminds me of DJ friends in Seattle and the deliciously groovy yet ridiculously overpriced lounges that they played in. It is colder than I would like for September 1st, and makes me appreciate my Smartwool purchases for the winter in Macedonia. I’m hungry. Weird. Want more Panang curry. Right meow! The bulldog just got a shower and now she’s getting blow-dried. I’m definitely going to miss having a dog in the house… hopefully a clean and healthy stray magically adopts me over there. But back to that hunger. Going on a chow hunt.