Friday, January 14, 2011

Click for Inspiration

I would love to write something profound. Something that makes people say ‘oh my God, that is exactly what I needed to read today’.  How do you do that? I read so many different things everyday, find new blogs everyday that I find incredibly insightful, intellectual, hilarious, inspiring, etc.  I would love to be that for someone else.  I feel like I possibly have some valuable insight to share… I went through some rough shit at a young age, as many folks have, and it forces you to grow up fast and realize things about yourself and the world that you may not have realized without having gone through said pain/experience.  I feel like I have done a good job at figuring out the areas in which I excel, the areas in which I don’t, figuring out what I am passionate about and directing my life towards feeding those passions.  I feel like I have maintained a positive attitude throughout life, and fought my negative moods tooth and nail when they do occur… because I believe that happiness is a choice, attitude is a choice, gaining perspective is a choice, loving is a choice, and how you deal with the circumstances that life brings your way is your choice as well.  It is a choice to not take care of yourself, and I think that taking care of yourself means all aspects of yourself… mentally, physically and internally, meaning your soul. 
To take care of all aspects of yourself is, to me, the highest honor you can bestow upon your creator, regardless of ‘who or what’ you think this creator is; the Universe, God, Supreme Being, the Divine, your Highest Self, the One, etc.  I like all of these titles, as I think they all accurately describe what most of us seek.  If we go further with this, and believe that this Being is of us, within us, around us, and IS us, and by us I mean ALL of us, then shouldn’t we be taking care of all aspects of not only ourselves, but everything about the world around us, as well as each other?  In a nutshell, spending your life damaging others and the world around you is equally if not more damaging to yourself, to your soul.  There is an enormous difference between taking care of yourself, and only caring about yourself.  There are far too many people that don’t understand this distinction. 
I think maximizing your potential falls under the category of taking care of yourself.  Figure out what you love, figure out what you’re good at, figure out what you’re passionate about, what makes you the most happy in life, and then DO IT.  This is a win-win situation, for those that will encounter you in life, and for your soul.  Don’t do something because it pays you a lot of money.  Do something because you absolutely love it, believe in it, and can’t imagine living your life any other way.  Your love, talent and passion for it are the things that will make you a success.  “Don’t use your life as a tool to make money. Use money as a tool to live your life.”  So many people are confused and/or sure that money is going to bring them eventual happiness, or provide ‘financial freedom’.  Who gives a shit about money if at the end of the day you don’t have one genuine person in your life that loves you enough to tell you how obvious it is that you aren’t happy? You can’t take it with you, your soul is the only thing that continues, and if it looks essentially the same as when you entered this life… well that to me would be failure. 
I think that I might start writing about the things in life that I love.  This could create endless blog posts, as there is so much to love about life, and I am so blessed as an individual that I have tons of things to write about that would smear love all over this page.  Yup.
Onward and upward,
EM :)