Monday, February 13, 2012

Preparing for Departure

So while I know I’ve pretty much done nothing but complain about Phoenix since I got here, I want to make it known that I am very grateful for what I have experienced here; most of that experience has come in the form of people.  Living in the wretchedness of one of the ugliest, dullest, dirtiest desert cities in the nation has enabled us to spend copious amounts of time holed up in our house behaving like the cheesy, giddy newlyweds that we are, which has been fabulously fun.  I also have serendipitously been reunited with my close childhood friend Rhiannon for my brief time here, something that I never thought I would be so blessed with.  
Being able to work at a Jewish synagogue has been a fabulous experience as well.  Jewish culture has always interested me, and I have learned an incredible amount and been able to experience the practice and culture first hand.  I have met some wonderful people and been inspired by a talented clergy. 
I am incredibly grateful for my passionate friend Ellen, my first new love moving here, who has been saving me from myself since we met and clearing my path to spiritual evolution with so much love and reason. 
And most of all, I am grateful for Adam, the Crossfit guru and all-around fantastic human, and Rob, my oh-so-reliable workout partner and provider of hilarious t-shirts.  I am in better shape and stronger than I have ever been in my life, I feel amazing, and I would not be there if it weren’t for Adam telling me I was capable of doing so.
So it hasn’t been all bad!  It was nice going a winter without snow and ice.  That’s about all I can think of though.  I will cry when I leave the new souls that I have connected with while here, as I always do when I have to say goodbye.  I’m a sap, can’t help it.  I will miss the people above dearly.  But will I be also crying tears of joy when we’re flying out of this dustbowl for the last time?  Without a doubt.