Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wireless Festival!

It’s been awhile! I apologize to my adoring fan (hi Mom) to have kept you waiting for so long. I’m sure you’re at the edge of your seat. 
Work has been crazy, as we had our massive 4th of July celebration last week; carnival, 54 food vendors (the Brits LOVE funnel cakes), RAF Red Arrows, American Idols Tour, etc.  It was a long couple of days! As BMW was one of our sponsors, I got to schmooze and ogle a delicious Mini Countryman, my current fantasy-mobile.  The food was great, as were our vendors and sponsors, the RAF Red Arrows put on a great air show and the event was a 30,000 attendee success. 
Last Friday we had the privilege of seeing some of the most epic guitar playing I have seen since Seattle days – I love the unique joy that quality live music brings me.   

mmmm Rihanna...
Speaking of, we ended up scoring a screaming last minute deal on tickets to the Wireless Festival in Hyde Park in London, a.k.a Rihanna’s deliciously sexy and amazing-self headlining, with some Jessie J, Kaskade and various others to boot.  This was my first experience at one of those music festivals that is essentially a mud bath.  I saw some very dirty things that day that I will spare you the details of. 
People were peeing in this mud. No shame.
I was very glad to have my Wellies.  We got home about 1:30 am last night – London looks amazing at night btw, Big Ben, the London Eye, the tower bridge…glorious – and I am deliriously writing this blog waiting for the chicken to come off the rotisserie so I can shove it in my mouth and pass out.

I have been feeling sad lately about the lack of instant access to my circle of love back home.  When I was in Peace Corps I could Skype for hours because I had the time to do so.  Here, I have a normal job and home life to manage which makes it a tad more difficult, combined with the members of my circle of love having crazy busy lives as well.  We are no longer just a text or phone call away, chats must be scheduled – not to mention an 8 hour time difference.  The only solace I have in this is that I am confident I have some of the most solid and epic friendships on earth and our powerful telepathic connections of love maintain said relationships with force even when we cannot see, touch or hear each other on a daily basis.  At least that is what helps me cope with it.  :)
Meanwhile, we continue to grow our wine collection and fill our freezer with delicious clean local meat, research trips to take and generally live the dream.  On the agenda so far: Wales in October, foodie trip to London in November, Rome for Thanksgiving, Scotland for New Years, Iceland in January, and the Norwegian Fjord cruise next summer. WHEEEEEE!!!!!!

With love and gratitude,