Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Until next time, summer!

After an incredible vacation in Montana watching my wonderful bff marry the love of her life, spending much needed quality time with my most important females, family and friends, and a few days relaxing in the beautiful surroundings of NW Montana listening to nothing but the wind, water and crackle of the campfire, we returned to England and couldn't speed to the kennel fast enough to pick up our furry little babies.  I was convinced that they would be completely heartbroken and harboring thoughts of utter abandonment and despair.  I'll never know, but I don't know who was more excited to see the other, them or us.  So many doggie hugs and kisses!  Even the kennel peeps were sad to see them go, which is a great feeling for a doggie parent.  It was warm and sunny for the weekend as we recovered from our jet lag, but come Monday, it was apparent that summer has made its exit.  This morning, I found the most beautiful red five-veined leaf on the ground, which I promptly picked up and pinned to my office door.  I LOVE fall.  It is the most beautiful, crisp, refreshing season to me.  The leaves changing to vibrant yet calming shades of orange, red and gold, the crisp, cool, fresh breezes, the scarves, the boots, the pumpkin smell... I love it all.  Big changes and important transitions always seem to happen in the fall for me as well.  Particularly in September.  Its interesting.  This September I opened my Etsy shop.  Life changing, indeed! 
I also realized this week that I am actually looking forward to winter for maybe the first time in my life.  I used to dread winter, and it was one of the main reasons I moved to Seattle from Montana was to get away from it.  But there is nothing like a white blanket of snow on Christmas, and I am looking forward to busting out all of my cozy hats, gloves and sweaters that I haven't worn in so long.  I guess that's what living in the wretched desert will do.

With gratitude,