Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Silk experimentations!

So I've been painting on silk for a few months now, seeking the magic recipe that is going to make my heart smile and make me comfortable with launching the new line of scarves. There are so many different types of silk, I had no idea before I got into this.  I've ordered at least 2 of every type of blend and weight to see which feels the best, which pulls color the way I want it to, which produces the best final product.  Last night, I met my number one love so far, a luxurious, soft silk satin that allows the color to flow beautifully, yet retains the most intense vibrancy in the colors that I have seen yet.  It is heavy enough to shield the neck from the wind, yet light enough that you can still wear it in the spring or summer if you wish while still being comfortable. It has a slight sheen, but not too much. Its exactly what I would want to wear myself, which has been the goal from the beginning; to create something that I love so much that it will be easy to market simply due to its awesomeness. 
You saw the first scarf posts with the red and blue, those were a slightly rougher Crepe de Chine blend that I wasn't too excited about. 
These next ones are a Habotai silk and are more enjoyable, but still not quite what I'm hoping for in terms of the final look.

And here is my love, the 12mm Silk Satin.
I should have known, considering my eternal obsession with satin sheets, that this would be the blend that worked for me.  And this silk is even softer and more luxurious than any set of satin sheets that I have had in my 28 years.  And trust me, I've been loving the satin sheets from a very young age.  I finally had my first set when I was 11.  They were baby blue, which I coordinated with my silver satin bedspread, white chiffon curtains and my self-painted cloudy blue sky walls.  It was awesome at the time, let me tell you, my little heavenly retreat.  
I'm still going to use the Habotai for pieces that I want to be lighter in color and intensity, as it achieves an ethereal quality as it dries that I like a lot.  But it looks like the Silk Satin is going to be my go-to for the upcoming line.  So exciting! 
Right now I'm focusing on a series of skylines.  I'm doing Seattle, London, St. Petersburg, Istanbul, Paris, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and a couple others... do you have any cities that you would like to wear? Let me know!
With gratitude,