Sunday, October 14, 2012

The scary part

So I'm finally to the point where I'm ready to start taking photos of the scarves for the actual listings.  I have been dreading this, because product photography is the most important component of selling a piece in an online forum.  If your picture looks like crap, looks unprofessional, or isn't true to color, people are much less likely to click on your item, which is half the battle.  So I've been racking my brain for weeks trying to think of different ways I can portray these things, not to mention decoding my camera, which is capable of far more than I can even wrap my mind around yet.  So after some messing around with it all today, this is my favorite. 

Paris at Dusk - 14x72

The plan is to officially launch when I have 15 scarves that I feel are good enough to list.  Right now I have 7, so I'm getting closer!  I also need to take pictures of them on an actual human.  I think I need to get a remote for my camera. That may save some time and frustration...

Soooo excited!!

With gratitude,