Monday, August 26, 2013

Little Friends and New Designs!

So this little friend got stuck in my studio yesterday.
And then his little friend got stuck in my studio today.

I don't know how, as I have been keeping my window shut due to the ridiculous amount of flies that are out the last couple of weeks.  But I'm glad they did, as it has caused me to stop what I'm doing and appreciate the little moment of beauty before going paparazzi on them and then opening the window to free them.  

Perhaps this pattern will progress and I'll find a little baby deer in my living room one morning.  As pasty as I'm getting living in England, I could easily be mistaken for Snow White at this point I'm sure.

Meanwhile, I put a delicious new design in the shop today! 
Purple Geometric Scarf Handpainted on Silk Habotai
Skip on over to the Etsy shop and check it out! Woohoo!