Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Inspiration and My New Home Scale!

So a long time ago I had an idea that I wanted to paint scarves with a black silhouette of a woman, and a reversed or inverted flower as her dress or skirt.  I hadn't gotten to it yet, but then today I saw this picture on my feed.  It is like my vision, but in real life. And even more beautiful than I had envisioned.  It is also fabulous inspiration for the eventual photography of the maxi skirts :) Deliciously inspired scarves coming soon!

On another joyous note, my new scale arrived today!  For those shopping for a fabulous home shipping scale, this one is the American Weigh Scales SE-50 Ship Elite Black Low Profile Shipping Scale with Backlit LCD and 110-Pound Capacity.  This scale was a great deal, was a snap to set up, and I love it because it can hold up to 110 lbs. and the reader is separate from the scale itself so any sized package can be placed on it without blocking your sight of the reader.  Click on the linked title and you can read all the necessary specs for yourself!  

For those of you considering getting a home scale in general, I highly recommend it.  It is a QUARTER of the cost to print your own shipping labels versus taking your packages to the post office and letting them do it for you.  It is a massive savings and any scale you get will pay for itself very quickly.  DOOO IIIIITT.