Friday, October 18, 2013

Maxi Skirt Progress and New Designs!

I finally had time to paint one of the skirt prototypes! I like it. A lot.  Until I cropped these pictures, I didn't realize how dirty this mirror was.  Ew.  It's clean now. I swear.

 This one is of the heavier Bamboo Rayon fabric, and its so freaking soft and delicious.  I also made a tea-length one out of the lighter Habotai silk.  Pictures soon!  

On another happy note, as of today, we have unlimited internet!  This is something that we always took for granted stateside, until we got here and had internet that was limited and purposely slowed when we got close to the limit.  With the hubby taking classes, me running a blog and business, and our serious addiction to Netflix, it got quite maddening.  The last few weeks I couldn't even edit the website without my computer taking a fat shit.  Ah, first world problems.  

Meanwhile, here is a sneak peek at a few new designs that I'll be putting in the shop over the next couple of days!



Blue brushstrokes


Feather Flower in purples
Only 15 days until the Holiday Bazaar! I'm officially in panic mode. But so excited!  Its so fabulous to be able to interact with customers face to face and learn about what attracts people to certain pieces.  

Lastly, the oh-so-delicious Andrew Belle finally released a new album.  Beautiful, as expected.  I love those albums that make me want to make beautiful things.  This is definitely one of them.  If you like groovy, atmospheric instrumentals and lingering, sensual vocals from sexy scruffy men, then snag this one.  And his previous work as well.  You're welcome.