Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Rebel Series: PJ Parsons - PJ Parsons Presents

I began the Rebel Series to highlight fabulous creative individuals who have diverged from the mainstream and forged their own path to success.  Perhaps they spent years working in the hell-mouth until they couldn’t take it anymore. Perhaps they followed their heart from the very beginning.  Whatever their path looks like, they have chosen not to conform to what society deems the ‘norm’.  And they are making the world a much more delicious place by doing so. 

Today's Rebel is PJ Parsons, Owner of and Entertainer behind PJ Parsons Presents.

PJ with one of her many happy couples!

EM: Tell us a bit about PJ Parsons Presents.
PJ: I am a DJ/MC and Coordinator, specializing in weddings.

How long have you been bringing all this joy to these lucky folks? 
12 years!

Was this always a dream of yours?  
I have been an entertainer since I was young. I actually was a professional clown from 1989-2001. I retired from clowning, but continued doing the event coordinating and then started DJ-ing and realized I liked it and was pretty good at it. I love being a part of making someone feel special, whether for their birthday or wedding day.

"You will never work a day in your life if you are doing what you love. Life is too short to sit in a cubicle. Remember to adjust your needs and wants to the income you can make so that you don’t feel the need to give up on your dreams just to pay the bills."

What did you do before you decided to pursue the dream? 
I’ve actually had a lot of different jobs. Some I really loved and others I really didn’t. I have realized that I am not very good at being an employee. I take too much ownership in the success of whatever I am involved with.

Can you describe the moment you knew that it was time to make the change? 
When I got serious about really making this work as a full-time ‘job’ was when I was working in an office, in a cubicle, and realized I had no joy. Nylons are not my thing.

How long did it take you after that epiphany to get your business up and running?  What were some hurdles along the way? 
I had the epiphany about my company about 6 years after opening it. I had not committed 100%, and the cubicle is what finally made me take myself and my skills seriously. 
The hurdles have been the change in marketing from when I had an entertainment company from 1989-2001. I have had to learn about websites, FB, twitter, instagram and that the age of the couples looking for me only want to text or email. I have to keep learning technology, and I'm a people person, so it is a challenge.

How many events do you average per year? 

You in 5 words. 
Loud, hyper, fun, passionate and whatever the opposite of tactful is.

Where do you call home? 
Everett, WA with my husband, teenage daughter and my dog. My other kids and their spouses live nearby, so home is when they are all here, with grandkid and grand dogs in tow!

What inspires you? Is there something grand that inspires your life and work? 
The smiles of my clients at the end of an event. The gratitude of parents of my couples. Being able to be available when my family and friends need me, and since I set my own schedule, I can be there when they need me. 
Something grand? Babysitting grandkids, and being in my hammock on a sunny Wednesday afternoon.

Beautiful couple, beautiful sunset!

What website or blog do you stalk the most? 

Awwww.... :)

What band/artist is making you shake that booty today? 
Pitbull, Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffett, DMB

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? 
At the beach, with my dog, and frequent visits from grandkids :)

What is the most hilarious or shocking thing that has happened during an event? Shocking: I got to see that not everyone wears undies at a wedding, and they forget that a lot when they are on the dance floor (ick).
Hilarious? Some of the toasts I’ve heard are pretty funny. I had one best man who was WASTED and he kept saying “fuckin’“ after every word. Pretty awkward when dad and gramma are in the front row.

What is one thing you would say to encourage other aspiring Rebels? 
You will never work a day in your life if you are doing what you love. Life is too short to sit in a cubicle. Remember to adjust your needs and wants to the income you can make so that you don’t feel the need to give up on your dreams just to pay the bills. 

"Do what you love, and the money will take care of itself."

What is something that you’re still learning? 
Wow - everything! Marketing, social media, updated equipment, and to remember to "breathe in, breathe out, move on” -- Jimmy Buffett

What do you fear? How do you conquer that fear? 
Failure - which would mean working for someone else. I don’t allow that to be an option.

Favorite place you’ve traveled? 
What about Australia did you love so? 
I loved the Murray River in Australia. I loved who I was there. The weather, food, beer, interesting people. I also thought I was going to spend my life travelling, but that has not happened yet :). It is still a goal.

Where would you like PJ Parsons Presents to be 5 years from now? 
In a groove with marketing, social media and expanding with at least one DJ and a Coordinator working for me. I also see awesome beach vacations with my family, and a home I love.

What is the coolest thing a client has ever said to you? 
That I made their day exactly what they wanted. I also had a Mom of the Bride say I was PHENOMENAL! Which made me happy.

Yet another happy couple!

What do YOU love about your work? 
That I am there on such an important day that could go wrong, and I do my best to make it what these couples want. Seeing happy people makes me happy.

What is your favorite part about being a Rebel? 
Waking up and knowing that I am in control of what happens today.  Also, irritating my siblings, who don’t understand why I won’t “get a job” even though I have a degree. 
Living life on my terms.

Anything else you would like to share with the world? 
Do what you love, and the money will take care of itself. Have faith in yourself.

Where can all these lovely readers stalk you and your work? 
I guess they'd have to come to a wedding! They can read my stuff on FB too. 

You can contact PJ through her website at:
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If you are a Rebel, or know of one who should be featured here, please contact me and tell me your story!