Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Lillllaaaaccccs I love them!
It has been an amazing turn over of the seasons here in the beautiful United Kingdom!  Cherry blossoms, baby lambs, GREEN everywhere you look, lilacs, piglets, and of course sunshine! It is so wonderful to watch the trees come into bloom, the petals floating to the streets, and to drive down the country roads that are enveloped in tunnels of beautiful arching tree branches for miles.  Giddiness ensues around every corner!

We got to feed these little orphaned babies!
The trip to Wales was amazing.  Epic beauty, and a landscape much different than what we have experienced living in East Anglia.  The hike was serious.  Sore, I was. So sore.  But what a gratifying achievement.  The views the whole way up as well as at the summit were incredible.  The weather really held in our favor as well, as it can be quite rainy and windy in Wales.  We had sun nearly the whole day, with a brutal but short downpour while we were at the top, and some intermittent sprinkling on the way down.

The next day we hiked into Abbah Falls, a much mellower jaunt than the day before, but with scenery just as wonderful.

This little shit bit my arm after I ran out of apples.

In other exhilarating news, my best friend is on a plane hurtling towards me RIGHT NOW and we are going on a most grand adventure over the next two weeks! (See previous blog post) :D

I am so freaking pumped!  While I don't actually turn 30 until June, I'm going to go ahead and start the celebrations now.

When I return, there will be some new designs in the shop, and I will also be celebrating my birthday with a massive sale on EVERYTHING in the shop! So stay tuned lovelies! Here is a sneak peek of some of the new swag!

See you at the end of May lovelies!!