Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Giant Birthday Sale!

So I wrote this post two years ago today on my 28th birthday.  I just read it again, and it is still my favorite, and it still very much communicates how I feel about life.

Building up to the big 3-0, I've been thinking about the various changes I've noticed coming with this milestone.  Here are few that have stood out.

I can't party for shit anymore. Two glasses of wine and I'm all too aware of the need to remove myself from public before I do or say anything embarrassing.  Anything over three and hubby has to assist me to bed.

More than one grey hair has magically appeared overnight in the last couple of years.  When I am running around kicking ass at 80+, I will revel in my glowing flowing gleaming silver hair.  But for now, those bitches are getting the tweeze.

I can't eat whatever the hell I want anymore and not notice the physical effects.  Those days of nailing a half gallon of ice cream in one night are over. My mother warned me. Not that I could do that today if I tried.

Aside from that, life keeps getting nothing but better.  I think the thing I have noticed the most with the increase in age is the incredible amount of fucks I don't give. The things that were worrisome before, the things that waste so much thought, those people who are most definitely not concerned with you... they kind of just slip away without being noticed any longer.

I'm definitely looking forward to this birthday.

In fact, I'm so freaking pumped about making it 30 years, I'm am having the BIGGEST freaking SALE I've ever HAD in the shop!  From June 19th through June 22nd, EVERYTHING will be 30% OFF!  And no coupon code necessary, everything will already be marked down for your shopping pleasure!

Spread the word, and I will see you there!

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