Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"Feel the Beauty"

What IS LoveArtWillTravel?

Ok.  So I started this blog back in 2009 to document my first adventure abroad.  I kept it going, and it made sense to carry the name over as I launched my business, as my art is ultimately inspired by my love of traveling and exploring - nature in particular.  

As the business has grown and developed, so have I, and so has my personal mission.  Every artist has a different reason for creating, a message that they want to communicate to their customers, to the viewers, to the world. 

I used to think that the only possible way that I could help others and 'change the world' like I hoped was to work with NGOs, nonprofits, join Peace Corps, etc.  So I did all that, and it was fabulous and wonderful in so many ways, but I still felt incomplete and longed for the answer, the missing piece. 

It wasn't until I took the leap into being an artist full time that I really felt like I was finally tuning in to who I really am and was meant to be, and on the path to fulfilling my intended potential in this life. 

So what is my intention, my message to you lovelies, as an artist?

First, let's chat a bit about art in general.  Art doesn't always have to have some deeper meaning.  Sometimes you just LIKE it. Sometimes you just think it looks rad. Its going to mean something different to everyone who views it.  If you're going to invest in it, however, it should make you feel SOMETHING.  I still remember the first piece of art that moved me to tears, but it doesn't need to be that dramatic of course. It can make you feel happy, reminiscent, calm... it runs the gamut.   My favorites are epic joy and empowered.  Genius color scheme and flowing composition usually do it for me.

Second, intentions typically flow from a belief system.  Mine is that everything in this universe - you, me, the trees, the animals, the stars, planets, all things vegetable, mineral and otherwise - are all made of the same materials and are therefore connected to each other on a much deeper level than our evolving human brains can comprehend right now.  I could carry on about this topic for days, but I'll save that for another time.

The point is that people have strayed away from that universal connection over the centuries, and it has led humanity down an incredibly narrow and destructive path.  My hope is to remind people of that connection, of the importance and value of all of the other life on this earth aside from just the human life.  If you are already living that connection, I want to inspire it further.

When we choose things to adorn our home and bodies - clothes, accessories, art, décor - we are really looking for things that are an expression of who we are.  Items that communicate what it is that we value and what resonates with us.  Things that not only look beautiful, but make you feel beautiful as well. 

What I want to do with my art is to give you an opportunity to connect with the earth in new ways on a daily basis, to display and wear your love and appreciation for our natural world.  So when you can't be out frolicking in nature, a little piece of nature can be bringing joy and calm to your day, which then makes you want to be frolicking in nature...and so on. 

I want to help people become aware of their connection to each other and everything around them, to renew that connection, to maintain that connection.  There is incredible beauty in the tiniest details.  

The earth is amazing. Beyond words incredible. Artists, conservationists, photographers, filmmakers...we have a responsibility to capture, interpret and communicate that beauty to the rest of the world. 

So I will travel, love, and make art for the rest of my days.  I hope I can bring you some joy, connection and beauty along the way :) 

With love and gratitude, 


Dubrovnik, Croatia