Wednesday, August 6, 2014

So Many New Prints!

Holy shit its been awhile since I posted! It has been a crazy beautiful summer, busy with lots of new pieces and travels!

We spent 4th of July weekend in Naples with my husband's brother and a couple close friends, which was fabulously lazy and relaxing.  I consumed enough food, wine and gelato for three of me, swam in the Mediterranean, and visited the ruins of Pompeii, which was so much bigger than I had envisioned.

I didn't take my camera on this trip, I don't know why... but I should have.  It was amazing.

The rest of July consisted of a lot of painting, sweating and prepping for the holidays up in the studio.

I have also been working to get more smaller pieces in the shop at lower price points!  I've spent the last few days getting all of them shot and uploaded and ready for your walls!  If you click on the picture, the link will take you to the shop where you can see all the delicious options for printing!

London Night - Available in Red as well!
Ready Two - Available in Terra Cotta and Black as well!
Ready - Available in Powder Blue as well!
Urban Nylons - Now available in Mint Green, more colors coming soon to Minted!
Summer - Also available in Turquoise and Raspberry

Gold Leaf
Orange Trees on Woodpanel
Purple Trees on Woodpanel

Teal Trees on Woodpanel

 In two days, I am headed to Scotland for a weekend of kayaking and frolicking on the Isle of Skye with two of my closest females! There will be dolphin hugging, seal cuddling, whiskey tasting and more!  I'm soooo incredibly pumped for this trip, it is going to be ridiculously beautiful and amazing!

The Isle of Skye - photo by Emmanuel Coupe
I can't wait to see the epic creativity that this trip will inspire!


Emily :)