Friday, October 31, 2014

Keep on keepin' on

I just want to give an extra appreciative shout out to Mother Nature today because man, Autumn has been EPIC this year.  The leaves are changing so slowly, the sun is out nearly every day, the temperature has been amazing, and it seems like we have been bestowed with this incredible gift of Fall for a much longer period of time than in recent years.  It is seriously the most beautiful Fall I have ever experienced in person.  I'm sure living in the middle of the beautiful English countryside makes quite the difference when it comes to the scenery part of it as well :)

For me, Fall is the best part of the year.  Not only because of all the delicious smells, sights and sounds, but because of the renewal in so many aspects of life.  Many of life's bifurcation points and upheavals, good and bad, have taken place in the fall for me, particularly in September.  I didn't really notice it for many years, but once I did there was definitely a pattern.  Its interesting.

There have been many moments in the past few weeks that I have wanted to sit down and write about, but it has been so nuts building up to and since the bazaar that I haven't been able to make it a priority.  Which makes me sad.  I love writing these little blurbs.  So I'm working on doing that more.  Spending 10 min. less swiping through theCHIVE and reaching out to you lovelies with whatever beautiful moment I experienced that week.

As for shop talk, I am already neck deep in scarf orders (get it? neck deep? bwwwahahhaaa....) as the holidays draw near, so make sure to get your orders in as soon as you can for holiday shipping!

The deadline for US and International orders is December 1st, and the deadline for UK/EU orders is December 12th.

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Happy Autumn to you lovelies,

Emily :)