Sunday, November 2, 2014

So Many New Things!

There are so many new beauties in the shop this week!  Enjoy! And as always, please contact me at or at if you have any questions!

Giant Veil Scarves

Part of my newest collection, these massive handpainted lightweight silk scarves can be tied in endless ways. The silk is very light, smooth and sheer and feels amazing against the skin. They look incredible blowing in the breeze, and are abundant in fabric for protecting your neck and face from the cool wind. They make delicious beach cover ups, head wraps, shawls, veils and a lovely sheer layer over any skirt or leggings! The possibilities are endless...and with something so soft and luscious in your arsenal, you'll want to figure out as many ways to wear it as you can ;)

Handpainted Silk Ornaments

I wanted some lovely little nature-filled beauties to sprinkle around my home for the holidays this year! Each ornament in this collection is hand painted on silk and is a one of a kind piece.  3", 6" and  10" in diameter and strung with a clear, looped hanger, this tiny piece of art is ready to hang on your mantle, your wall, in your window or wherever else you desire!

These ornaments are meant for inside use only.

Printed Leggings & Skirts

I am now working with ArtofWhere in Montreal, Canada, to produce beautiful leggings and skirts with my paintings printed on the fabric!  I'm so excited! Just in time for boot weather ;)

And remember, it is perfectly appropriate to shop for yourself for Christmas too ;)

Enjoy discount codes, first looks at new designs, specials and other fabulousness!
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