Monday, July 6, 2009

Big Bang

So the 4th of July BBQ was lovely... and wet just like Seattle :) Everyone was still in high spirits and came out to enjoy our wet hamburgers and hot dogs and 'American Cola' lol. Some decided to bring their Budweiser tallies out from the night before... why they drink shitty American beer when we are in a place that makes wonderful quality brew I do not know.
Today I went and got train tickets for our upcoming trips into the country, including the Galway Arts Festival. So so very excited... and this is where I hope to find amazing art to bring home with me. Got a new nose ring and a bigger shoulder bag today... the one I brought wasn't cutting it with having to haul an umbrella and paperwork around.
I didn't have to work today, because the crew was tired and decided not to come in. Ah, the lax work culture. This evening, however, I met up with the guys that are running the Big Bang Festival to talk about the PR needs and whatnot. I met Brian in front of Walton's school of music... in his giant white van full of bongos and various other sorts of drums. As we hauled them upstairs and chatted, I began to understand what was going on. Him and the other guy were teaching a drumming workshop every Monday night for the next three weeks for the giant drumming performance on the last day of the festival. As drummers started filing into the room at the top of the tower, I realized that he might be expecting me to actually join the class rather than just discuss the event. I felt like I was in elementary gym class in front of the pull-up bar all over again. I know where my talent lies, and it sure as hell is not in creating music. I can listen to it just fine, and even make visuals from it... but sweet jesus, was he expecting me to beat a drum? In rythym with them, the professionals? God help me.
Grab a seat and a drum, he says. Oh hell here we go. The other instructor, the same guy that is working with Brian on the event, takes his place at the front. At first glance, I would suspect he could be the lead singer of a metal band. Tall, strong, bic'd with a full auburn beard... but with a furry bongo between his knees. The two of them start explaining the line, and then his eyes noticably begin to sparkle as he starts playing. Immediately the students follow along, and he looks at me because I'm not playing, but am totally fascinated by what is taking place around me. I tell him that I'm observing, as it will help me write the press releases for the event. Thank God. There are about 12 people in this particular workshop, and in a room the size of a bedroom, that makes for some intense noise. The floor was shaking, everyone was smiling, some eyes were closed... but everyone was completely lost in the beat. It was beautiful. As they all became more comfortable with the patterns, it became louder and louder until if felt as though the floor would give out or the room would just explode with the energy.
After the class was over, the three of us stayed and chatted about the event. "Just tell everyone you see that there is going to some 'feckin crazy ass drummin'... they will come" We talked about election night, as Brian was wearing a beautiful Obama t-shirt. He said he stayed up all night, as did most people he knew. Everyone that I've talked to is very grateful and happy about it, and its really fun to talk about. I feel proud to talk about it... I would have been embarassed to talk about Bush, though they know that most Americans hated his administration.
Drinking detox tea and taking Emergen-C... pray that I don't get sick like all the peeps around me...

Love and drumbeats,