Saturday, July 4, 2009


So I got to meet the kids in the programme that I'll be doing the PR for today... it was so fabulous :) The programme is called Young Urban Arts, and they are a group of disadvantaged young teens that are learning how to make films and TV. They do the writing, the acting, the producing, the editing, everything. It is very empowering and educational for them, and today I got to go into the studio and watch them work. The energy in there was incredible... it was so positive and interesting and such a wonderful thing to see. They are so excited, and so serious about it and really value the experience, and I am so admiring of the program director for enabling them to take such ownership of their experience. I'm really really excited to be involved :)
I had my first grocery shopping experience yesterday as well. They don't use plastic bags here (hooray!) so we brought our own backpacks and bags to shop with. Most everything is grown locally, and a lot of the hormones and preservatives that are used in the states are illegal here, so that was really comforting. It makes up for the fact that nearly all you can find to eat when you're out is pub food and sandwiches... which isn't the healthiest thing. The gym here costs upwards of 75 euros a month, so health isn't really the highest priority in this area. Its interesting, because in comparison, physical activity (gyms,classes and hiking/biking access etc.) is much more prevelant in America... yet we have more obese people than nearly any other country. At the store, I met the most wonderful woman in the cheese aisle. I was stating out loud to myself how confused I was, and she asked me if I was ok. I told her that I loved cheese and didn't know where to start (the selection is amazing). She asked what I liked, so of course I said 'all the cheese in the world'... but that I wanted to get something that I wouldn't be able to get in the states... so she proceeded into a 10 minute conversation about all of the cheeses in front of me and why I would like them and with what. It was super. I came home with two different kinds to start, both of which a delicious, and will continue to explore my cheesy options as the weeks go on.
Tonight we had our first Irish house party experience. Little did we know, we were headed to the only neighborhood that we were warned to stay away from by our RA and directors. Of course, as we exited the party to head home, 20 of us were all of a sudden being targeted by flying glass bottles. SWEET. Who was throwing them? 12-year-old pre-gangsters. Fabulous. We shielded ourselves and each other and ran, tried to get in a cab that wouldn't take the 5 of us in our group, so we ended up all walking the rest of the way home. That won't be happening again, but it was a good experience to have. (Mom, please don't tell Grampa or Gram about this...). Guns are illegal here. The Garda (cops) don't even carry them, so I suppose the thugs need something else to threaten people with. Glass bottles are the choice most times apparently. Came home, had a bowl of Muesli, showered, and am now headed to bed. Tomorrow is the BBQ that they are hosting for us, so happy 4th everyone!!