Thursday, July 2, 2009


Greetings! I was finally able to upload pictures and whatnot... so here's the link! I'll be adding them by date so you don't have to go through stuff you've already seen everytime :)


So I have officially surrendered. The humidity here makes Seattle feel like paradise. Have you seen that episode of Friends when they all go to Costa Rica or wherever and Monica's hair grows to the size of a small car? Yeah... that's me. The ponytail and its variances are my new best friend.
I had my internship interview yesterday, and it went fabulously. I'm working in one of the coolest neighborhoods in Dublin, and God blessed me with sushi AND falafel AND 3 beautiful pubs (including the Stag's Head) right across the street. I will be doing the PR for a really cool Young Urban Arts program in which they teach disadvantaged youth how to make films, TV and music videos. Their productions will be done at the end of this month, and then I will start working with the Archive, a collection of and documentation of all art that has happened through CityArts since they opened in 1973. During all this, I will be helping plan the Big Bang Festival (, which will be an amazing thing to be a part of as well.
Explored Temple Bar, which is the most tourist-oriented area of Dubiln. Very historical and beautiful, but full of drunken teens and young adults... mostly French and American. I will be exploring other pubs, trust me. Found some tattoo shops, and turns out tattoos in Dublin are insanely expensive, nearly double what we would pay in the states. I don't need it that bad. Will be sticking with the new nose ring. Went on an organized pub crawl last night, and learned about the fine art of brewing Irish beer. Very educational, interesting and tasty :) Met some fabulous pubs, and some interesting folk. Went to a night club at the end, in which all the girls dress like its the 80s, tease their hair, only dance with their arms, and don't touch each other. Needless to say we looked out of place. The men all danced like they were dating each other, and then stared alot. Very entertaining.
Tonight had a welcoming reception at the oldest pub (est. 1198). We had a popular storyteller and folklore expert completely entertaining us while we were fed delicious traditional Irish fare. Very fun and tasty evening :) Best salmon I've ever had (Blake, yours is still a close second). Now at home, full and sleepy. Off to meet the kids in my film programme tomorrow... ta for now!

Love & gratitude,
Emily Jo