Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The final countdown

As the end of my trip draws near, I can't help but think about all the things I miss about home, as well as all the things I will miss about Ireland.  There are no Mexican people here, therefore no Mexican food.  This is very hard for me, and I have already put in my order with Amy, who will be bringing it to the airport for me as a burrito-carrying angel.  I'm really excited to come home and eat countless succulent pieces of raw fish, as that is a rarity here as well.  I miss the sun, I miss the ocean, I miss the smell of the ocean, I miss the sound of seagulls.  I miss my roommate and the doggies, I miss my super amazing and wonderful friends and my lovely cohort at Seattle U.  I miss driving my car, I miss cooking my own food, I miss my delicious bed, and I really miss Montana and all of my loves in it.
However, I will miss the delicious taste of real Guinness.  I will miss everyone saying Hiya, Cheers, Brilliant!, Grand!, and saying Bye at least 3 times before actually hanging up the phone.  I will miss the beautiful green patchwork quilt of the Irish countryside, and the cobblestone streets of Dublin, even though they are really dirty.  I will miss my fabulous co-workers at CityArts, and I will miss my Shanowen peeps and random hikes to the Comet for cheap Jameson and unwanted yet hilarious advances by the elder locals.  I will miss my Indian waiter buddy at Diwali, and the adventures of the Dublin bus system.  
I try to think of my favorite moments of the last 7 weeks... and images of Ceol Craic agus Rinca flash into my head, alongside the Killarney downtown, the epic Cliffs of Moher, miles of hydrangeas, learning to pour the perfect Guinness, Black Cab tours, drumbeats and firedancers, amazing salmon and never ending smiles and laughs at random pubs with true Irish folk.  
While there have been difficult moments, this experience has opened my eyes to an abundance of possibilities that I thought I had done more than scratch the surface of before.  As a close friend told me it would, it really has changed my life... for the better... as things such as this tend to do.  
Everyone on this trip has taken at least one excursion outside of Ireland, and this final weekend I am taking mine to Barcelona, Spain.  While I had a brief episode of anxiety about the flight arrangements and the abundance of pick-pocketers, I have calmed down and cannot wait to prance on the beaches of Spain and explore the beautiful gothic architecture of such a beautiful and historical city.  Upon my return from Spain, my best friend Danielle will be arriving in Dublin.  Oh how we have waited for this moment, to be abroad together.  Watch out Dublin, make sure your kegs are tapped and your Jameson is stocked.  We have front row tickets to Riverdance and we are THIRSTY.  I love everyone, and I cannot wait to see you again :) 

Love and Tapas,

Emily Jo