Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wine Decisions

Holy mother of God. I drank too much wine last night and booked a flight to Barcelona. Don't worry, Camille did too. And two of the guys are going also. But still. I woke up this morning and saw my wallet sitting on my computer *sweet Jesus*.
I have no regrets! It will be a hilarious adventure, especially considering Camille and I accidentally booked seperate flights, to seperate airports, at very seperate times of the day. Thank God she speaks some Spanish. Please pray for us.

I had a fabulous massage this week, much needed after sleeping on dorm beds for 6 weeks. It was fantastical, and I came out of there feeling better than I have in quite some time. On Friday, we headed to Belfast, with pit stops in Drogheda (Draw-head-uh) at the Cathedral to see the head of Saint Oliver Plunkett and the site of the famous Battle of the Boyne. It was beautiful. Once we got to Belfast, we took a Black Cab tour. Belfast is still a segregated city, struggling heavily with fighting and peace processes. There is a wall built to seperate the Catholic and Protestant sections of the city, with a gate that still shuts every night. STILL. It was an emotional sight to see... that there is still so much fighting and struggle that there is really a wall and a gate to seperate. The murals on each side of the city are representative of each side, their opinions and passions, and are continually maintained and updated. The Black Cab drivers are allowed everywhere in the city, where as other people are not allowed, in accordance with the 'sides'. The Sinn Fein building is completely bulletproof and barred, and has cement posts in front so that no bomb vehicles can get close. Just driving through, it really is a beautiful, modern looking city. You wouldn't think that at night gangs of children gather on either side of the gate screaming hate and throwing bottles and rocks at each other. So very sad. Here are the pics from the trip:

This is a short one, I know... but my mind is now consumed with navigating Barcelona in a few days. I'll keep you posted, trust me :)

Love and gratitude,