Monday, September 13, 2010

EmaЛи џo Ингp

Ok. I’m going to be honest here. It is day two and I’m scared shitless. We had our first language lesson today, and they taught us the Cyrillic alphabet in two hours it was insane and I was sweating like a little piggy. But I think I’m doing ok with it.  We walked the 30 min. into the city and I could actually read most of the signs on the way, so I was very hopeful.  We also went to a store, went to an outdoor bar and ordered wine (they serve their red wine chilled here and it is very good) and then took a cab back. The cab driver was very excited to have us and to gain approval on his English pronunciation. This also alleviated some of my anxieties about transportation. 
Something on my wish list for care packages = Luna bars, particularly of the Vanilla Almond and Berry Almond variety.  The more I am with our group, the more I love them. Our staff and trainers and the Volunteer Support Group (Meredith, Amanda and Maggie I heart you!) are amazing and incredibly helpful as well. Went to exchange money today, and it was very interesting exchanging under $100 into thousands of Denars. Still super jet lagged and exhausted, and would LOVE a super deep tissue massage please (babe this means you).  The title of this post is my name in Cyrillic. If you’re interested in knowing how to write anything in Cyrillic, send it to me and I’ll translate it for you, its good practice for me :)
I have my medical interview tomorrow to take care of any vaccinations that I may not have yet, as well as more language, ethnic diversity class and the safety overview. I’m hoping they will pass out mace or something similar. 
They say this is “the toughest job you’ll ever love”, and I know we’re only on day two, but I completely understand already where this statement sprouts from.  I’m enjoying and appreciating every moment so far, but I’m very eager for the day that I get comfortable with the language and being alone and feeling safe in my community.  Can’t wait for visitors too!
I know these blogs sound very robotic at this point, but well… I feel like a robot at this point. It will get better I promise :)
Much love,