Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Still hungry.

Things from home I crave already: spicy mustard, romaine lettuce (cabbage is for more prominent here), Luna bars (I said this already I know), tuna melts, wheat sourdough.  There will be more later I’m sure, as I’m only on day 3. It feels like weeks already, so much has been crammed into our brains.  Today was another language lesson (greetings and introductions), the multi-ethnic community informational session, the safety and security intro, and some other random stuff.  Regarding the multi-ethnic situation, I came to Macedonia excited about the idea of learning two languages.  After more info and hearing about the experiences of others, I have decided that just sticking with the Macedonian only will be better for me.  I feel like I will be more comfortable focusing on one language and getting a better grip on it than getting a not-as-strong grip on two separate languages, and I feel like I would be able to be more successful in my work position being able to communicate better.  Plus its hard enough learning one new language man.
Back on the food note, I have decided that I am going to ease off a bit on my vegetarianism for the next three months while I’m living with my host family.  This is a very heavy meat consuming country, and added vegetarian to my dietary needs along with the insulin resistance (no white bread, pasta, rice, sugar), well… I could possibly starve to death.  Once I’m in my own place and can shop and cook for myself I will have more control and will be able to eat more in tune with my needs and desires again.  Regardless, everything I’ve eaten here so far has been delicious, and I’m excited to get a bigger variety and learn how to cook local dishes once I’m living with my host family (I move in with them this weekend!)
Apologies for no pictures yet, I haven’t had much opportunity to take any yet.  The terrain and weather here is very similar to Montana, which is great because that means I’m not in for any surprises with the weather.  We were warned about occasional natural disasters however… flooding and earthquakes…rare but in our safety handbook for sure.  Also in our safety handbook is the emergency procedure for civil unrest and evacuation of the country.  This is new for all of us of course, and an interesting and surreal concept to have to think about. 
Anyway, I’m starving as usual… off to din :)
Much love,