Thursday, September 16, 2010

Muslim appreciation day

We went into Kumanovo today to visit a church built hundreds of years ago, a museum, and a mosque.  The frescos were amazing, though we weren’t allowed to take pictures (I wanted to soooo bad, it was so incredibly beautiful in there).  The museum was interesting, and I was excited that I could actually read some of the inscriptions. But the mosque…  oh the mosque.  What a beautiful building. See pictures here:
After we came out of the mosque, the call to prayer began.  This was the moment that I truly felt like I was in a foreign country, a foreign culture, and having a foreign life experience.   I can’t describe the chills that flowed from my feet to my forehead hearing the song and chant of prayer rolling through the air from the mosque as we stood in the street.  So much so, that the others around me verbalized their chills as well. Traffic rolling by, women in scarves walking their children, and 40-some white Americans crowded in the middle of it.  The prayer echoed through the air until we were far enough away to only hear the traffic and people around us.   
On tomorrow’s note, we find out which town we are going to be placed in for training and meet our host families, and go home with them in the evening.  I’m very excited as well as nervous for this.  I’ve heard nothing but good and amazing stories about the host families and how loving, giving and kind they are, and how much they love having us in our homes.  I’m also super excited for home cookin’ and being able to be immersed in the language.  I’ve eaten more potatoes in the last week than I have in the past year, and I think my insides are lubed up with enough sunflower oil to host the next Olympic luge event out my ass.   
Did yoga for the first time in a couple of weeks on a sliding towel on the hardwood floors and definitely was sore the day after… and today.  Also looking forward to getting to homestay so I have time to get some regular physical activity. 
Very tired today, couldn’t get to sleep until about 2am… ta for now :)
Much love,