Sunday, December 18, 2011

Welcome back, happiness.

Big Sky Christmas Love
I’ve missed you.  It’s all about perspective, I know… the dust cloud over the ugly wasn’t helping.  Now that my and my husband’s living abroad dreams are coming true, the world seems very rosy again and I can feel the positive energy surging through my veins again.  So much to think about as we prepare to leave the country for 4 years… sell or take the car… doggie passports… which village to live in… what to buy, what to leave… will there be a Crossfit… where will I work… the list goes on.  All things that I am grateful and joyful to be having to think about.  I mean, how epic is this?  Every once in awhile when I stop to really reflect on my current situation I think about what it would have been like to know what I would be doing at this point say, 10 years ago.  If I would have been told I would be preparing to move to England, have a masters degree and be on my way to teaching art, and had the most amazing love imaginable, I would have laughed at such a fantasy.  And on top of it to have so many incredible friendships and family constantly putting the most delicious frosting ever on the cake of my life; I just bask in the love and gratitude, unable to find the words to express the sentiments. 
We could not be more excited for the move, prematurely stalking rental listings in the area and drooling over English brick cottages with greenery overtaking the walls and fences, listing all the amazing places within a 3 hour flight time from London, and plotting my birthday trip back to Ireland in June to spread my Gram’s ashes while riding a bicycle around the Ring of Kerry.  Life is about to become a new level of incredible, and we hope to have a lot of visitors to share it with :)
With gratitude,