Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dog Poo Dreams

So have you ever been woken from a dead sleep by the aroma of something nearby?  Just the other night I was dreaming of being on a train, trying to make sure that some babysitting plans for some random child were confirmed, when all of a sudden little piles of dog poo started appearing in the aisle of the train car.  As I realized what they were, the smell of hot, steaming dog shit overtook my senses and I awoke only to poke my husband awake to tell him that Henry had, yet again, taken a massive, overwhelmingly smelly dump in his kennel.  He isn’t adjusting well to the move let’s just say.  It doesn’t help that the temporary housing facility lacks fences and we are required to keep them on leashes at all times.  I mean, would you really want to take a crap while someone had a rope tied to your necklace? Me either.  Thankfully Scarlet is a shameless pooper so we are only cleaning half the stank that we could be.  I am counting the days until we get to move in to our wonderful home with a fenced yard – May 22nd!
Remnants of jet lag are still lingering, and the change in number of daylight hours is an adjustment as well.  I woke up this morning at 0430 to head to Crossfit and it was getting light, and we go to bed at 1030 and it is barely getting dark.  I wasn’t expecting that, I didn’t think our longitudinal difference from Montana/Seattle was that large.  I hear that in the winter though it makes up for it.  I prefer the light hours of course :) Today was my first day back at Crossfit in almost three weeks, and I was scared I was going to have lost much of my momentum but I can still do all of my pull ups and still jump just as high – hooray! 
This week was full of orientations, briefings, paperwork, meetings, and a ton of other stuff I can barely remember.  The Chief here is very personable and inspiring, and the Brits working on base through the Royal Air Force are fabulous as well.  There is very much a sense of community here, and people are much more knowledgeable, helpful and kind than I experienced at our last location.  It is lovely.   I take my driver’s test next week; lots of crazy signs to memorize but much of it is perfectly similar so I’m not too worried.  AND I got an official job offer about two minutes ago, so that is a weight off the shoulders as well!  I definitely wasn’t expecting to snag such well-fitting employment so quickly and I’m very excited! 
Tomorrow we are going to Bury St. Edmunds for the day to explore, and Saturday we may head to Ely to see one of the oldest and largest cathedrals in the world.  I hear it is a magnificent sight, and I’m excited to have some good photography opportunities finally!  Photos to come!!