Friday, May 4, 2012

Life is good? Yes. Yes, it is.

Happy Friday, it is all coming together!  We got our housing assignment today, a lovely little British-style two level (with American appliances!) and a backyard with grass so thick and lush you can barely open the back gate.  There is even a big hanging plant hook in the brick next to the front door that I’m going to hang a massive Fuschia from; my Gram would be so proud – I can’t wait to grow things! :) We don’t get to move in until the 22nd, but that should give our furniture and whatnot plenty of time to still get here – we got the notice today that it is in port, so it’s close! I’ve been bad about taking pictures so far, it has just been so nuts since we got here trying to get everything taken care of.  It has been so chaotic in my mind with the transition that it didn’t really sink in until today that we are actually in England, living our freaking dream.  I’ve been so used to things sucking for so long in the place-which-must-not-be-named and most things going the wrong way that I am a little gun shy when it comes to excitement.  But I still believe that when things are meant to be, they are easy.  And so far, things have gone very smoothly, all things considered.  I must keep reminding myself to maintain the excitement and positivity in order to keep manifesting the joy and good things coming our way, rather than get scared that it is all too good to be true.  We also found a car today, which will definitely grant us the freedom to explore that we seek.  I never thought I would say that we have a BMW, but they are everywhere here! It’s easy to find really nice older cars for cheap.  My husband had one when he lived in Germany as well, and he loved it.  The dogs are bathed and cleansed of all traces of nasty desert dirt and dust, and my white dog is white again rather than eternally pink from the red gravel dust.  They are so soft and happy!
Next week is packed with orientations, meet and greets, our driving tests, meetings, etc.  I’m very excited to start meeting people and becoming more familiar with the bases and getting in the swing of day to day life here.  I’m also especially excited to start the hunt for our favorite local pub – I’m hoping the bit of weight I plan on gaining as a result of upping my alcohol and non-paleo food intake will be balanced by the amount of hiking around Europe we plan on doing.  And let us pray that the incoming weight stays in my bra.  *fingers crossed*