Monday, December 3, 2012

Yoga, Jacksonville and Fire Safety

Oh yoga… I forgot how much my body loves you.  I haven’t had a hardcore yoga session since I was in Phoenix.  Being able to do this used to be my goal:

And then I met this: 

and started doing this:

and I then became obsessed with being able to lift twice my body weight.   

For the last few months, however, I have been doing a whole bunch of this:

and spending every spare moment doing this:

I must remember to balance!            

Luckily I can still do this:

So after my delicious endorphin-loaded yoga bout tonight, I was reminded of the incomparable blissful high that yoga brings and have promised to incorporate it back into the routine.  
Along with this:

 so I can do this:

while looking like this:


Tonight, I’m working on a lovely Skyline Scarf of Jacksonville, FL for a wonderful customer and childhood friend of mine! 

I’m very excited to see the end product :)

P.S.  Henry the genius dog totally saved our house from potential disaster today when he wouldn’t kennel up until we came looking for him, and we found him sitting right next to the plug in where I had accidentally left my hair straightener on.  I knew I wanted to dress him as a firefighter for Halloween for a reason!  Such a good furry baby! This kind of looks like him...

Onward and upward!