Thursday, February 14, 2013

Spring cometh!

I forgot it was Valentine's Day today. Everyone thought I was wearing my red sweater to 'celebrate'. Total accident.  We honored this obnoxious commercial holiday with a delicious birthday dinner the night before with some great friends, followed by my donning of a fire-red blunt bob wig and fishnets for my husband's visual pleasure.  It was a good night.  Made even better by the hope that the freezing precipitation would cause a base closure or at least late reporting so we could enjoy the bed a little longer.  Alas, nothing frozen at dawn. 
The day, however, has turned out to be quite beautiful, and warm by the last few weeks' standards.  The kind of beautiful and warm that makes my heart flutter with the anticipation of Spring - the smell, the birds chirping, the excitement of new beginnings and things to come.  Yes, it is only halfway through February and the trees are still bare, but with no snow on the ground and plenty of grass to be seen, it is much easier to visualize and tell myself that it is right around the corner :)
As a teenager, spring brought the impending excitement of summer - no school, the crush of the month, parties at the lake, sleeping in, and about 10% of the responsibility that we have now.  This spring, plans to frolic in the sun with my husband and dogs on the acres of soft moss at the nature reserve, impending trips to Ireland, Holland, Copenhagen, Germany, Norway and Scotland, epic career decisions, photography sessions, visits from loved ones, and the explosion of my artistic freedom are the things that are giving me butterflies. 
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And of course, spring scarves galore!! :)