Thursday, August 15, 2013


**Originally posted June 25, 2013**

I'm still having a hard time believing each evening that I don't have to get up the next morning and go anywhere but my delicious studio.  It's been massively productive and exciting in there the last couple of days, lemme tell ya. 

The painting above is one that I did a couple of months ago as a going away present for a co-worker and close friend and her husband.  They are preparing to move to Charleston, and I'm super sad about it.  I wish we had more time together.  This is the pattern of military life, however.  You meet kindred spirits, become close to those rare few people that you can forge a true connection with, and in 1-3 years, one of you gets assigned to the next location.  Which is a fabulous never-ending adventure of course, but bittersweet nonetheless.  Hooray for living in the future and Facebook and all that doesn't compare to face-to-face adventures and conversations, but it helps :)  Anyway, my friend purchased the supplies and told me to 'go crazy'.  So I did.  It was super fun.  And they freaking loved it, and so do I.  I originally painted it vertically, but when I gave it to them we turned it sideways and they said it reminded them of a bridge in Charleston.  So The Bridge it is.  With all the texture and metallics in the piece, this photo isn't the greatest depiction.  It is much more fantastical in person I promise :)