Thursday, August 15, 2013

Contest Winner!

**Originally posted August 11, 2013**

So last month I decided to launch a little contest to engage my Facebook audience.  I asked for submissions of design ideas so that I could choose a winner based on which design I thought I could turn into the coolest scarf.  

The July winner was Anika Huth, whose design idea was "A big tree with a woman's body incorporated into the trunk of it. With a huge full moon in the background with colors of a really intense sunrise or sunset and out of the branches and leaves there are splatter marks like you messed up but you didn't because there are birds flying away from the branches and coming out of it which actually shows that the birds were the design to begin with... like the birds were all sitting in the tree making the tree and once they all started flying away there would be no tree at all!"  

Phew!  It sounded right up my alley, so this was the one I chose!  Here's how it turned out:  
Thank you Anika for providing the inspiration, and congratulations on winning the July contest!  You can all head on over to my Facebook page here and get your ideas ready for the next month's contest!

I'm also working on a little personal project to commemorate our trip to and my love for Norway this week! Everywhere we went, I collected little maps and guides and whatnot to cut up and use in it.  Once I got home and did the cutting, I glued them all down, taped off the area that will stay white, and then knifed a layer of crackle paste over random areas.  Once the paste dries, I'll be putting down several layers of thin colored glaze to create a very textured mixed media piece in the color scheme of the Norwegian flag :) 

Here it is with the paste drying.  In a couple days, the glazing begins! I'm pretty pumped about it.