Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Day at the Beach!

**Originally posted August 11, 2013**

Today we woke up and the hubby decided we needed to go on an adventure to the beach to take advantage of the little sun we have left for the year here in England.  So we packed a little backpack and headed off to Felixstowe, a lovely little beach town an hour away.  There also happened to be a carnival going on this weekend, which made for lots of extra people and cars.  We also discovered that dogs aren't allowed on the beach May-September, much to our dismay, since England is normally a very dog-friendly place.  So we just walked allll the way down to the edge of town until dogs were allowed on the beach and posted up on our little blanket, had some snacks, and enjoyed the sun and sounds of the waves.  It was nice because there were hardly any people down the beach that far, too.  Above is Scarlet, my typically un-photogenic beagle-lab-whippet baby, enjoying her day as well.  

England has some really lovely seaside towns that we need to take advantage of more often.  We forget that we are only an hour away from all of them!  For an early dinner, we stopped at a cafe with outside seating and had some fish and chips.  Turns out its like an entire fish with just as many chips.  Enormous.  We had haddock rather than cod, which is the norm, but the haddock is slightly sweeter and more flavorful than cod and I liked it better :) Top that off with a glass of Carlsberg the size of my arm, and I was ready for a nap.

Hooray for sun!