Thursday, August 15, 2013

I Can't Take It Anymore...

**Originally posted July 10, 2013**

So this is the easel I have been using for the past... let's see... 10 years?  It's missing a screw or two, wobbles like hell, and is totally not meant to hold the massive canvases I like to paint on. To increase the stability, I bring it down as low as possible and sit on the floor to paint. Today, as my legs were falling asleep and I was gently wielding my palette knife to a canvas that was swaying back and forth like a hammock, I decided no more! So I went ahead and ordered this delicious creature:

Oh yes.  This magnificent piece of badassery can easily hold canvases up to 87 inches, has full tilt capability - even so far as to lay flat like a table.  And note the wheels. Oh yes, my friends.  In 3-8 days, this beautiful thing will be arriving at my door, and I will be squealing like a little piggie.  Let the paint flinging commence!