Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sewing Success!

**Originally posted July 11, 2013**

So I found a photo filter that depicts how I view my new sewing machine. So many stitches, so many feet, so many rad things that I have no clue how to even make happen yet.  Look at it, glowing with wonder and amazingness... holding so many beautiful projects to come...(insert choir music here).
I have been studying tutorials, reading instructions, watching videos and whatever else I can find. 

Today I finally nutted up and sat down to actually sew something with it.  My fear comes from knowing that if I screw something up I'm going to be quickly frustrated.  And that my silk is delicate and expensive so I want to make sure I know what I'm doing before I start really crafting the new pieces for my shop - the delicious maxi skirts and curtain panels!  

A few months ago I accidentally ordered some of my pillow covers 'open' rather than 'closed'.  Meaning that they are not already sewn up so that they can be stretched on the frame in a single layer to make the painting process run more smoothly.  I ended up liking them more, and it is much more efficient to be able to paint both sides at once rather than to have to flip and re-stretch them.  But I've been hoarding them due to the sewing fear.  So that is what I sewed today, and they came out beautifully!

Mom and Gram would be so proud :*)

After that, I tackled a maxi dress that I bought without trying on that ended up being too short when I got it home.  So I wanted to basically chop out the middle and make a skirt out of it that retained the top edge.  I strategized for awhile, developed a plan, and went for it.  And it worked!  So pumped.  It was a day of winning :)