Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Preciousssss....

**Originally Posted July 26, 2013**

So Thursday I went into London with a couple of friends for the SAA Expo. It was my first time at any such event, and it was effing awesome.  There were live demos, mini workshops, artist lectures, and racks and racks of delicious supplies.  As you can see, I got pretty excited.  

Check out that fat Filbert...oh man I'm going to fling some saucy pigment with that bad boy mmmmm!  

I also was introduced to some materials that were new to me, which is always fantastical. 
Vibrant inks in the form of blocks, which also work on silk. WHAT?! Mine. Experimentations to come.  

A new line of acrylics that can be 'brought back to life' after drying with a simple mist of alcohol? OMFG! Mine also.  

Watercolor paper postcards (get ready for some rad mail, Gpa!), little brushes with a water reserve (I'll paint when and where I WANT!), Yupo Paper (a new one for me as well, amazing textural effects), a new airtight pallette, a few rad technique brushes, some new heavy modeling paste (mmmm texture), and some very smooth pressed watercolor cards that will be playing a large role in an upcoming collaboration with the one and only Kalyn Caballero of Sally + Jean, Ink!  

As much as I would love to dive into playing with all my new precioussssesssesss... we are off on our delicious cruise to the Norwegian Fjords in the morn!  It has been a crazy week, and it always feels more chaotic building up to a long trip.  But man the hubby and I both need the r&r, and like I said, I have been dreaming of seeing the Fjords since I was but a wee one.  Be prepared for a bombardment of beautiful photos and possibly a video of awesomeness when I return!