Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tulips and Failure

**Originally posted on June 22, 2013**

So I've already failed in my attempt to post  Perhaps I will change the idea to 'post as often as possible'.  Part of the trouble is that I take most of my pictures throughout the day with my iPad and I can only edit my site from my laptop.  Yes, I know, I can just email them to myself.  I already feel busier than I did with that pesky day job.  This is a good thing of course!

So I was hoping to post a progress picture of the magically delicious Amsterdam scarf I am working on, but my customer loves surprises and I promised I wouldn't post any previews to spoil it :) So I conceded to posting one my inspiration shots instead.  I love Amsterdam with all my heart, and was so excited to get this custom order!  Once she sees it, I will post the deliciousness.