Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My New Frond Fern

By Emma Sailor - Factotum Body Modification, Norwich

By Emma Sailor - Factotum Body Modification, Norwich

Isn't she lovely? This is the first piece that I've been able to actually stare at and thoroughly enjoy at will.  The rest are on my back and ribs, which are difficult to look at... and I do have one on my calf that I see occasionally depending on which yoga position I'm in.  I love her.

At the end of this month, my darling Lisa and I are going to be journeying to Snowdonia! Yes, Snowdonia is a real place, not a magical far off land in a fantasy novel.  We do, however, expect to see some fairies and wizards.  I mean, look at it.

In other exciting news, my hetero lifemate is going to be here in 5 WEEKS! Right after the Mayfair Bazaar, I will be picking her sweet ass up and we will be getting our nerd on at Harry Potter Studios, skipping around London, drinking and eating our way through France, and then hopping over to Venice to get on a cruise through the Mediterranean with our hubbies.

It will look something like this:

Day 1 - Marseille, France. Sun, glorious sun!
Day 2 - Avignon, France. Can you smell that lavender?
Day 3 - Camargue Tour. If I score a shot like this I may pee my pants.
Wine cheese fruit olive oil fresh bread all day every DAY.

Day 4 & 5 - Nice, France. Ass in the sand, ass in the sand.
Days 6-8 - Venice, Italy. No need to describe.
Day 9 - Dubrovnik, Croatia. Bucket list item.
Day 10 - Corfu, Greece. Bikini BLISS.
Day 11 - Piraeus, Greece. A little Acroplis action!
Day 12 - Santorini, Greece.  The place I am absolutely MOST excited about on this trip.  I've had pictures similar to the above hanging in my room since I was young. Probably going to happy cry on this one.
Day 13 - Katakalon, Greece
Day 14 - Bari, Italy for some cave exploration!
And then it's back to Venice and to home in England! I'm going to be exhausted, relaxed, and so very grateful.  <3