Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sleepless in the Daybed

6 days until the official due date and my birthday. She had contractions all day, but the last one was 7 hours ago, so here we are trying to get some rest before the inevitable trip to the hospital takes place. Who can sleep? Not me, obviously. We're all ready to go, but clearly the star of the show isn't ready to make her debut. I can't blame her... I've heard we Geminis can be stubborn ones. I lie in bed meditating, praying, concentrating, musing, pondering, trying to force my eyes closed... only they don't want to so I end up with a slight headache. The only other thing on my mind besides Ash is the impending trip overseas. I nearly have a mental orgasm just thinking about it. The experience, the people I'll meet, the knowledge I'll gain, the food I'll eat, the landscapes, the music, the art... people tell me its going to change my life. Of course it will, for the better I'm sure. Not that life now is in any way negative. Life is amazing and gets better every day. I have incredible friends, amazing family, a wonderful love who does nothing short of worship me, and a solid yet ever-intensifying spirituality. Life is beautiful... and at the rate my happiness is increasing, I may just end up keeling over from pure ecstasy when its my time. I don't think that would be so bad.
Still not sleepy... though it is only 10:55 p.m. Usually I can cure this by reading one of my semi-useless textbooks. Fortunately, the quarter is over and I have none of those at the moment. So I try to mentally pack my suitcases for Ireland and coordinate outfits in my head in an effort to pack as lightly as possible. This may have increased the headache. I want sushi. In the sticks of NW Montana, this is hard to come by. What is available right now however is really good thunderstorms. Seattle is definitely slacking in that department. The magnificent scent in the air just before it rains in Libby, MT on a hot summer day is something that I can't describe, nor have I ever found a comparison to. The best way to welcome that scent is to drive up the old haul road where the asphalt is smooth and hot from the blazing heat and wait for the dips to fill with the clean, warm rain. Then proceed to laugh, frolic and play in the puddles like a freaking 5 year old. Life doesn't get much better, I promise.
I'll leave you with that, and encourage you to reflect on an equally joyous adventure or 'happy place' if you will.... :)

Love and gratitude,
Emily Jo