Monday, September 9, 2013

Where the Magic Happens

Today I'm going to give you a little tour around my studio!  When we moved here, we were very fortunate to be assigned to a 3-bedroom house despite our not having children.  Especially because houses in England tend to be much smaller than in America! We started out with my studio in the smallest room, our bedroom in the middle sized room, and the spare bed/man cave in the largest room.

Within a few months, my wonderful hubby sacrificed his man cave and we moved my studio into the largest room, our bedroom into the smallest, and the spare room into the middle.  Within about another month, my new sewing machine, backdrop stand and lighting arrived and my studio overflowed into the medium room as well.

It can still be a bit cramped and I run into things often, but I am very grateful to have two spare rooms to work with!

This is the office area.  This is where I do all printing, writing of Thank You notes, filling out customs forms, replying to emails...all those fun admin tidbits.  The desk belonged to my Gram, and I treasure it dearly! I whitewashed and sealed it to match my decor.  The map is lovingly marked with every location that I have shipped orders to, and the Groogrux King print is a limited edition copy from Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge 2009 <3

This is one of my stretcher frames - the smaller of the two, where I do single pillows and the heavier fabric scarves.  Above the stretcher is my cherished Mae Chevrette print as a constant reminder to Live the Dream.  Those drawers are chock full of dyes, fabric pens, guttas, and other little bits and bobs for creating!

This is my larger stretcher frame, where I do pairs of pillows, silk scarves and the curtain panels.  I keep my Christmas lights up year-round because they make me happy and add a lovely cozy ambiance to the room :)

This is the painting section, closet that also serves as a little inspiration board, and the GHD where I sculpt these luscious abs of steel...
The easel is the latest addition to the room, and oh how I love it.  It has made my life much easier and looks much more beautiful than the previous one as a bonus.

This is my beautiful fur baby, who just LOVES rolling on my drop sheets all day long. Isn't he such a baby bear cub? :)

This is my file cabinet - a much downsized version than our previous home in Phoenix.  That thing was an enormous beast.  I found this little gem for $10 on the local yard sale site and decoupaged it with a bunch of old French books I had laying around.  Its much prettier now :)

I love this clock! You can find a delicious clock similar to this one over at The Big Clock Store on Etsy! They have all sorts of them :)

This is over in the medium sized room where I have started to take over what semblance of a man cave my hubby has left.  Note the giant Beatles poster and drawers of madness to the left.  I cropped out the basketball and football jerseys...
This is where all the sewing of the pillows, labels and soon-to-be released skirts and headwraps takes place.  On the opposite wall is the photography backdrop and lighting, ironing station and dress form.  Also, the guest futon that my husband uses for stowing all of his clean laundry.  I have spared you of that sight.

And last but not least, packaging!  Dog crates CAN be multipurpose :)

Someday I'll have my enormous custom studio with exposed brick and floor to ceiling windows, but for now, this does it for me!

I would love to see your studios and work spaces! Send them to me here and I will post a collection in the future!